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Ridgeside K9 NorCal Day Training | Chico, Ca. Day training is a great option for busy people.

Day training for dogs is a way to teach your dog the basics of obedience. It’s like night and day when it comes to how much you’re going to have to work with your pup and how often they’ll need to be walked, so if you are trying this method out I would recommend starting slow. This can also be helpful in any situation where training isn’t possible during the day (i.e.: working long hours). With day training it’s possible to see results faster because you don’t have as many distractions. Another benefit is your dog gets exercise throughout the day and they get used to listening on a regular basis which will help with other forms of training too!

Your dog will learn good basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, walking nicely on leash without pulling, a “place” command and crate training. 

About Our Day Training Programs

Dogs typically get dropped off in the morning and spend the day with our trainers learning then go home in the evening before close. Our classes are sold at 5 days at a time and would be Monday-Friday (bringing in 5 consecutive days).

Owners will need a leash and collar for training. Recommendation by the trainers would be a correction collar, favorite training treats or kibble, and crate for their home. Owners can consult with a staff members or trainer for recommendations for collars and crates.

What’s Included In Our Day Training Program?

This service includes lodging for the day as well as multiple training sessions with our trainers. At the end of the week we schedule a 20-30min private session on pickup to help the owner understand what the dog has been learning throughout the week. 

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